About us helps you download the latest software updates / OTA firmware for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Simply enter your device model and current software version below, choose which version you want to upgrade to, and then download the update!

Once the firmware is finished downloading, you can follow the tutorial below to install the update.

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How to install your update

Step 1

Download the desired update file above.

Step 2

If you have an SD card in your phone, rename the file to "" and place it on the root of the card.

Otherwise, put the zip file onto a computer.

Step 3

Boot the phone into recovery mode by turning the phone off.

Once it's off, press and hold the Bixby, Volume Up, and Power buttons.

When it turns back on, let go of the Power button but keep the others held down.

Once a blue screen appears, let go of all the buttons.

Step 4

Using the volume keys, navigate to:

  • "Apply update from SD card" if you have an SD card in your phone.
  • "Apply update from ADB" if you have the file on your computer.

Step 5

If you have an SD card, press the Power button and wait for it to finish, then you're done!

If the file is on your computer, continue to Step 6.

Step 6

Download the Android Platform Tools for your OS, and unzip them.

Step 7

Plug the phone into your computer and wait for any drivers to install, then press the Power button on "Apply update from ADB." It will now wait for the computer.

Step 8

Open cmd (on Windows) or Terminal (on Mac/Linux).

Drag the file called "adb" or "adb.exe" from the platform tools into the console window.

Type <space>sideload<space> and then drag the firmware ( into the console window and hit enter. Wait for it to finish and you're done!